Podiatry is a division of medicine devoted to the study or diagnosis and medical treatment of the foot, ankle and lower limb.

In our practice we specialise in sports injury diagnosis and management through biomechanical assessment, pressure plate analysis and digital custom made foot orthosis; nail pathologies; skin pathologies; shoe prescriptions, lower limb pain syndromes and diabetic foot and wound management.


Dermatology/Lower limb skin pathologies

Podiatrists treat and manage fungal and bacterial infections, planters warts, cracked heels, corns and callous


Nail conditions

Podiatrists treat and manage fungal infections of toenails, and surgically manage ingrown toe nails and nail trauma
Geriatrics are commonly affected by thick toe nails which they are unable to cut, a podiatrist has the instruments to effectively treat thick toe nails.


Sport Injuries

Sports injuries, Common foot and knee pain pathologies & Fitment or prescription of sports shoes e.g. running shoes are managed by assessing biomechanics of the foot and lower limb.



A biomechanical examination evaluates the way the leg and foot function while walking. This can help diagnose biomechanical abnormalities that contribute to pain syndromes such as knee and foot pain.



At LBP we use a barapodiatric system which comprises of, a pressure foot plate, 3d foot scanner and hi-speed cameras for a hi-tech approach to lower limb biomechanics. This enables us to design digital orthotics with our partner Ripple effect consulting.